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The local dissemination events

December 2019

The local dissemination events of the project were held in Riga, Braganca, Rome and Barcelona, ​​thanks to which it was possible to distribute the translated book in the local language and involve people and associations within the European network!

London Chess Conference


With great pleasure we responded to the invitation from the European Chess Union to participate in the London Chess Conference, held in Hammersmith, London, from 29 November to 1 December.

The project manager, Luca Gallina, had the opportunity to present the Network to the ECU educational Commission and to show the results of the project in a workshop dedicated to erasmus + projects on chess.

Final Event in Sennori (Sardinia region)


The final event of the project was held in Sennori, Sassari, Italy, the 15th of november.

The books have been showed and distributed to teachers of primary school, chess teachers, president of sport clubs.

The ENCS, European Netword Chess at School was established.

The aim of the European Network Chess at School is to promote the inclusion of chess as a compulsory subject in the ISCED 1 schools of the European Union, through the following main activities:

- Dissemination of the educational chess book: "Chess course model for Primary Schools" developed by the project;

- Development based on the "Chess course model for primary schools" of a new model for the purposes of implementation in other school levels (ISCED 2 and ISCED 3);

- Spread and promotion of the European Network Chess at School in order to involve other Sports Associations and Schools.

Books published!


Books has been printed and sent to the partneship in order to organize the local events!

To download the books, click here!

Working on the book

July 2019

The partnership is working since may for the elaboration of the book "Model of Chess Course for Primay Schools (ISCED 1)", the publishing is foreseen for october, in 5 languages!

Workshop in L'Espluga de Francolì

May 2019

The sports event in L’Espluga de Francolí (Spain) was held from 17th to 19th May 2019 and included a chess tournament between ten schools in Catalonia.

In the other two days, partners worked on the index of the ‘Model of Chess Course for Primary Schools (ISCED 1)’ book and on the division of tasks for the various paragraphs.

Template for the teaching mode

Septermber 2018 -> April 2019

On the base of the report, the Applicant and the Spanish partner worked out the “template for the teaching model”.
The Applicant will make a synthesis slide presentation to show to schools in order to establish the calendar and the targets of the Experimental Chess course that will be held in at least one school in each country of the project. The model foresees 30 hours with 20 1-and-½ -hour classes from October 2018 to April 2019. During this time span, the social promotion campaign will also be realized with videos on social media, project website, websites of the participating organizations and of chess associations which have agreed to support this project as well as on the website of affiliated clubs. The preparation phase will end with definition of the programme of the sports event organized by the Spanish partner, with the preparation of the teams which will take part in the event in Spain, with the creation of the evaluation questionnaires to be compiled by targets of the experimental chess courses and by spectators of the sports event. 

The 5 chapters Report

June 2018

Once the partners have gone back to their home countries, the Applicant written and sent a report of the workshop.
In each venue, the interviews and the social promotional campaign started. Interviewed subjects was 100 people including teachers of primary (ISCED 1) schools, teachers and masters of chess, representatives of chess federations and associations, professional chess players as well as journalist.
Interviews was distributed as follows: 40 in Italy; 20 in Portugal; 20 in  Latvia and  20 in Spain.
Interviews content are summariezed in a form provided by the Applicant and sent to applicant together with draft scripts for the video clips.
Utilizing the data gathered, a  “Report” we made with 5 chapters. 

A short tale


A short tale, made of some photos taken during our kick-off meeting in Sassari, march 2018.

Click on the photo to watch the video.

Activity of March 2018 in Sardinia, Italy


Saturday, March 24th 2018 was held the event of presentation of our project at the Hotel Pegasus Il Vialetto di Sassari, from 17.00 to 18.30 p.m.

We talked about the perspectives of the project and the possibilities to introduce chess teaching as a curricular subject in the European primary schools (ISCED1 Level). 

Black and White Sport: CHESS

Black and White Sport: CHESS is a project co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Organizations and countries involved:
Associazione Culturale Sportiva Dilettantistica Glamour Events (Italy);
Academia Centro Social Paroquial dos Santos Mártires (Portugal);
Federacio Catalana D'escacs (Spain);
Latvijas Sporta Pedagogijas Akademija (Latvia).

In this project, the innovative idea is to establish a stable European partnership including an University, chess clubs, schools, federations, chess players and those who are enthusiast of chess, in order to include the teaching of chess in European primary schools (ISCED 1). 

Till now, this objective has been often brought up and discussed but no one has succeeded in setting up a work plan to reach the intermediate steps to achieve this objective. This project, in a an innovative way and for the first time in Europe, proposes as an intermediate step and as project result that of setting up a common teaching model among all European schools: this new teaching model will be shared with the main European figures in the chess field – through reference models, explanation reports, didactic materials- and its targets will be pupils of primary schools (ISCED 1).

The project’s added value at European level is in the coordinated participation of various European organizations and bodies which have already participated together in the realization of a project in the frame of the Erasmus+ programme. In time, the organizations have refined common interests and practices and they are willing to share them with small local sports associations and with schools in order to reach a more local level although in a European framework: a local level by experimenting in schools a curriculum model for teaching chess in primary schools (ISCED 1); a European framework as to establishing a Network aiming at the inclusion of chess in the curriculum of EU primary schools (ISCED 1). For this purpose, at project conclusion the Network will submit the project results and a request for inclusion of chess in primary schools to the European Commission and to the competent Ministers.


"Chess in Schools"

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