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In its Declaration no. 50/2011 adopted on 15th March 2012 on the introduction of the “chess in school” programme in the educational systems of the European Union, the European Parliament expressed a clear position in favour of chess game as an educational tool in schools.

The European Parliament considered that chess “is an accessible game for children from every social group and can help social cohesion and contribute to policy objectives such as social integration, combating discrimination, reducing crime rates and even the fight against various addictions”.

Starting from such indication,  we built on sports pillar of the Erasmus+  Programme, which aims to support European network of grass root spots in order to achieve –among other goals- the following: “to promote voluntary activities in sport, together with social inclusion, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity through increased participation in, and equal access to, sport for all”.

Black and White Sport: Chess is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, Small Collaborative Partnerships in the field of Sport.

This project answers to the needs of new opportunities for training/learning and of sports encounters so that chess becomes more known and played in Europe. Thus this project identifies two main targets: teachers and pupils of primary schools. For children, a sports activity as chess is an opportunity to improve their school performances as well as to improve the knowledge of themselves by applying the principle: think first before you act!

The specific objective of this project is to establish a European Network which, as a start, will involve the Bodies and Associations of the countries participating in the project but which also will aim at binding with organizations for sports promotion, associations, schools and universities unified by the common mission of the Network: “to have one class of chess a week be included in the teaching curricula of all European countries. The achievement of this objective will be very important for the Applicant, for the partnership and for the project targets as there is a will to establish a common teaching model, tailored on the age-band, and spread it in all primary schools; there is also the will to establish a stable partnership capable of  achieving the objective at European level. The promotion and diffusion of the teaching model realized by this project will help to establish teaching models based on competences clearly referring to activities on the field and it will also facilitate the realization of a complete system for training, refresh and continuous education which will be at the same time both homogeneous in EU and flexible in order to adapt to specific national needs.


"Chess in Schools"

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