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This project aims to establish a European network, named European Network for Chess in Schools,  for promoting the inclusion of chess as curriculum compulsory subject in all primary (ISCED 1) schools of the European Union. This will also help to decrease the gap between Western European Countries and other European Countries where chess is more widespread. At international level chess is recognized as a sport for the mind and as complementary tool of high educational value for developing individual competences, considering that and also that “whatever the age of the child, chess can improve children’s concentration, patience and persistence and can develop the sense of creativity, intuition, memory, and analytic and decision-making skills; whereas chess also teaches determination, motivation and sportsmanship” (Declaration of the EU Parliament no. 50/2011 adopted on 15th  March 2012 on the introduction of the “chess in school” programme in the educational  systems of the European Union).

Another innovative aspect of this project proposal is that of establishing a stable European organization whose mission is the inclusion of chess in the educational curriculum of European schools: this organization will be named European Network for Chess in Schools (ENCS).

The structure of the Network, with first and second levels, will include associations, schools, training agencies, federations as well as primary (ISCED 1) school teachers, chess teachers, professional chess players (masters, experts, etc.), amateur chess players and journalists of chess journals/magazines that share the mission of the Network.

To achieve the foundation and the spread of the ENCS, a innovative work model will be laid out (the “interview template”)  in order to involve the various European bodies and stakeholders that, in the last years, have put their efforts –in different ways and for different reasons-to spread the chess game. Through the “interview template”, in direct (vis-à-vis) dialogue or online, a great number of stakeholders will be reached in order to inform  them  about the proposal of the teaching model and have them contribute to the final version of the model, so that it become a shared and common heritage.

A further innovative aspect is the continuity of the Network after project conclusion: after its foundation, its tasks will be to carry on the diffusion of the teaching model worked out by the project, to constantly update it,  to promote training modules for instructors/teachers, judges, to extend the chess teaching models to other school grades, to spread the chess game to reach the common mission.


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